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Due to sustained and heavy rains over the last two months,

Cape Town’s dams have collectively increased by over 20 percentage points.

With several months left in the winter rainfall calendar, it is now clear that Cape Town will continue to have enough water for its residents and visitors. Travellers are invited to come and enjoy, but still be mindful of water-wise tourism during their stay and continue to treat water as a precious resource.

The City of Cape Town has taken a number of ground-breaking actions during the drought to help build a resilient city. These efforts are increasingly internationally recognised. Indeed, there is a strong plan to develop alternative water-supplies, which will make our city and region even more water-secure in the future.

Cape Town’s residents have also set a new global standard for water consumption. The City has reduced its usage of water

by nearly 60% in just three years. This is a phenomenal achievement, unmatched by any other major city in the world.


Together with the significant rainfall being experienced, Cape Town’s dams are filling up, and fast.

We have been advised by city council that Day Zero has been averted for 2018 and 2019. Our water supply will therefore not be cut off, and we expect water restrictions to be relaxed shortly. Some water restrictions will, however, remain in effect and we ask all guests to help conserve this valuable resource and assist us with our water savings effort.


Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business, with our beautiful,

world-class experiences waiting for visitors from around the world to enjoy.


The hotel has for some time now, been embracing water savings in conjunction with its guests.


The following water saving measures have been implemented at the hotel:


  • Tap aerators have been installed in hand basins

  • Bath plugs have been removed

  • Laundry operations have been reduced - linen is changed every 3-4 days only

  • Laundry has been outsourced to ‘borehole’ laundry operator totally independent from the municipal supply

  • Water saving tips are communicated to our guests in our welcome letters, and by means of posters.

  • All bottled water for resale at the hotel is sourced from areas unaffected by the drought

  • Free drinking water in coolers is available to guests and is sourced from outlying areas unaffected by drought.  


Tips for our guests to help us save water:


  • Shorten your shower to less than 2 minutes and switch water off whilst soaping

  • Use the buckets provided to collect grey water from your shower to use for flushing. Any leftover grey water will be collected upon request for re-use

  • Close taps when washing hands, shaving or brushing teeth

  • Choose the half flush button(small flush button) when you need to flush the toilet

  • Opt to use paper towels in public toilets and restaurants where available to reduce laundry load.

  • Opt to use recyclable paper napkins in lieu of cloth napkins to reduce laundry load.

  • Choose hand sanitizer dispensers in bathrooms where available to reduce water usage.

  • Recycle all unfinished bottled water.


We'll continue to keep all our valued tourism partners and guests updated of any changes as and when they happen

please refer to our website for any updates

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