Tuning the Vine, all the wine & good times in Cape Town

Welcome to the Mother City. Please make yourself comfortable and stay a while. Is this your first time? Or is this somewhere you return time and time again? No matter which one, we'll walk you through some local gems: Tuning the Vine, First Thursdays, wine, gin, sunsets...

As if it wasn't enough for Cape Town to be a bustling hub of good wine and great vibes, Tuning the Vine is the cherry on top of a cultured night out. Quite simply, it's a mid-week adventure that combines tasty wine, good food, many laughs and memories to be made. It happens on the second Wednesday of every month in summer in the Mother City - although sadly this week marks the last event for this season. Don't fret though! Stick around and you'll see it again later in the year.

A route of places you should stop to eat and drink is mapped out through the city – follow along and be merry! Show up and make new friends, or take a squad with you and have a blast as you taste, compare and get to know each other a little better. In fact, if you're reading this, it's not too late for you to enjoy the last one. Get your ticket for just R200 and tick this social butterfly's dream event off your list.

If you already have plans for this Wednesday, something else you can look forward to in the next month is First Thursdays. Yes, it comes around once a month - brilliant for all you nightlife lovers - and combines good drink and breath-taking art around the city centre. Cape Town's bustling streets get turned up and you'll find it hard to take a drive on these evenings because areas will become pedestrianised for leisurely exploring. That's the point, though - you should be on your feet amongst the crowds experiencing local talent up close.

First Thursdays and Tuning the Vine aren't so much inner city secrets as inner city gems that are respected and treasured. But we'll let you in on a secret or two too...! The first is a secret gin bar. If you're a local you will have heard about it, though for a lot of people it remains shrouded in mystery. Where is it? What is it? Look closer: the secret gin bar is exactly that - a secret gin bar! Hidden behind Honest Chocolate on Wale Street, there's something magical about this little hideout spot.

Another great inner city secret for those romantic sundowners or a place to get away from the noise is Cloud 9 Hotel's rooftop bar. Imagine 360-degree views of the whole city - you get to see it all and still experience the serene quiet of the mountain’s tranquillity up in the clouds. If you're looking for somewhere to wind down, or dress up and impress, this rooftop bar on Kloof Nek Road is perfect for you.

Don't be afraid of the colder weather rolling in. Warm yourself up with wine, good times and secret hideouts huddled with friends. Cape Town is rich and rewarding no matter where you land up; these are just a few of our favourites. They’re widely recommended, consistently enjoyed, and come with memories of nights that have changed lives. Welcome to the Mother City - it's wonderful to have you.

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